Zach B.

Education: George Washington University, BA in Mathematics and English

Lives in Brooklyn, NY, United States

Zach started tutoring kids in his neighborhood in Math and has been working to help students improve skills and self-esteem ever since. He graduated from the George Washington University in 2011 with a BA in Mathematics and English and became TOEFL/TEFL/TESOL Certified by Oxford Seminars in 2012.

In 2013, Zach joined the Peace Corps, living in Ecuador for over two years while fortifying his Spanish fluency and teaching across a wide variety of subjects, including math, literacy, and English. While considering a progression to graduate school, he took the GRE, scoring 166 on the Verbal Reasoning section (97th percentile), 167 on the Quantitative Reasoning section (93rd percentile), and 5.5 on the Analytical Writing section (98th percentile). For much of 2016, Zach lived in Mexico, tutoring math and English and teaching a GRE Prep Course to prospective graduate students.

Zach now lives in New York and splits his professional time between work in Social Services and tutoring individual students in math, English, and Spanish subjects. He seeks to empower students to become their own advocates and learners and enjoys being a part of progress and growth. He is an amateur runner, singer-songwriter, and loves a novel that teaches what it’s like to live in other places and times.


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