Winston H.

Education: BA in history from Harvard University

Lives in Boston, MA, United States

Winston has a BA in history from Harvard University, where he studied Europe and the Islamic Near East in the medieval and early modern periods. After working at in California, then as a legal researcher at UC Hastings, he has gratefully returned to the East Coast where he belongs. He is currently applying to Ph.D. programs in history.

The bulk of his tutoring experience aside from TTP is in three forms: first, tutoring juvenile offenders in GED classes, which he did throughout his first two years at Harvard; second, tutoring writing and history to his fellow history students at Harvard; and third, SAT tutoring, which he has done sporadically since high school. He feels that he has had greatest success in teaching students how to approach critical reading swiftly and with an eye to the psychology of the test taker, and in efficiently solving the data sufficiency problems that tend to vacuum up time on the GMAT.

When not tutoring, he is an avid PC gamer, a thoroughgoing Red Sox and Celtics fan, and a devotee of Southern barbecue and north Indian cuisine.


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