Travis O.

Education: Rosalind Franklin's Chicago Medical School, Doctorate of Medicine in 2021, Master of Arts in Applied Sociology at Loyola University, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and History, Rice University

Lives in Chicago, IL, USA

Travis is currently a medical student at Rosalind Franklin’s Chicago Medical School. He has a 520 MCAT score (98th percentile) and has been working as a science, math, and standardized testing tutor since 2015. The MCAT is a calculator-free exam, so Travis can also share tips and tricks for building mental math skills.

Travis has worked as a question writer for Magoosh and Next Step Test Prep’s MCAT practice exams, so he can help with getting inside the head of standardized test writers! Travis enjoys using charts and diagrams to teach concepts, and he has created a large collection of links to resources that students can use as study aids. He believes in teaching students how to learn and find information independently. His references state that he has “good classroom management” and is comfortable “jumping around between subjects.”

In the past, Travis has also worked in public health research in a Master’s Program at Loyola University Chicago. Travis graduated from Rice University in 2011 and completed his pre-medical science courses at Northwestern in 2015 with a 3.9 GPA. In his free time, Travis enjoys cooking, cycling, and performing improv comedy.