Sven W.

Education: Northwestern University, BS in Biology

Lives in Denver, CO, United States

Sven is a senior at Northwestern University studying biology. He self-studied for the new MCAT last summer and scored in the 99th percentile (a composite score of 521). After graduation in June, he plans to spend his time working on medical school applications, tutoring, and traveling the world (New Zealand and Thailand are his top two destinations).

Sven has extensive tutoring experience from high school, helping fellow classmates with math, writing, Latin, and Chinese. He did everything from drop-in essay editing to long-term Chinese tutoring over a semester. He currently does freelance tutoring in chemistry, ACT, and biology for high school students in the Chicago area. He really enjoys watching students learn and make tangible progress as a direct result of his guidance, as well as the feeling of satisfaction from knowing that he can make a tangible impact on others’ lives.

Sven realizes the MCAT is a big test. However, as crucial as content review is, test-taking strategies are just as important. He stresses the importance of a solid study schedule that works for you, as well as strategic ways to tackle MCAT passages. He has honed these skills as an independent test-taker and hopes to pass them onto future MCAT-takers.

In his free time, Sven enjoys playing video games and weightlifting.


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Test Scores

  • MCAT: 521, 99th %ile
  • SAT: 2260, 99th %ile
  • ACT: 33, 99th %ile