Stephen F.

Education: BA, Ancient Greek, Russian and Latin, Amherst College, Ph.D., Cornell University, Classics

Lives in Freeport, ME, USA

Stephen began to study Latin when he was 10 and French at 12. He added Ancient Greek and Russian to this list while a student at Amherst College, where he received his B.A. He continued his studies at Cornell University in their Ph.D. program in Classics, concentrating on Latin Golden and Silver Age poetry. Stephen has been teaching Latin, Ancient Greek, and Russian to students from 10 to 80 since 1981. Mostly he has taught high school students Latin and Russian.

In recent years he has become active in the spoken Latin movement and has attended summer Latin immersion weeks both in the US and in Europe seven times. He currently teaches at a semester school in Maine part-time and is at work on a translation of a children’s chapter book into Latin.


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