Saahil J.

Education: NYU, BS Economics and Pre Medical Studies

Lives in Boston, MA, United States

Saahil is starting medical school this summer. Since he is interested in the crossroads between policy, healthcare, and business, Saahil is looking to pursue a dual degree during his training, such as an MD/MBA or MD/MPH degree.

Saahil scored in the 98th percentile in the 2015 MCAT. He has also tutored students in subjects like Organic Chemistry and Intermediate Microeconomics over the past few years, in both formal and informal settings. He looks forward to working with his students and preparing individualized plans that fit their personal skill sets.

In his free time, Saahil loves to travel, cook, explore New York City, and spend time with his friends and family. Most recently, he had the opportunity to travel India with his friends and visit the Taj Mahal. Before matriculating in medical school this summer, Saahil hopes to continue his extracurricular and social activities, as well as help other students succeed in their own academic endeavors!


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