Rose W.

Education: University of Puget Sound, BA in Creative Writing

Lives in Seattle, WA, USA

English tutor Rose W. is an MAT student at the University of Puget Sound, which is also where she graduated with a BA in Writing. She has worked as an English tutor for high school and college-level students since 2013 and specializes in helping students to develop their projects from beginning to end.

She believes that everybody has something important to say, which is why she loves working with students to show them how to improve their writing while still expressing their unique voice. As a tutor, she helps students through the entire writing process. Beginning with brainstorming and formatting, she helps them develop their ideas into a final, polished project.

Outside of tutoring, Rose W. works as a content writer and editor for multiple, national companies. When not working, she enjoys cooking and exploring everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer with her German Shepherd, Riker.