Rebecca A.

Education: King’s College London—English Literature BA,

Lives in St. Louis, MO, USA

Just this past summer, Rebecca received her BA (Honors) degree in English Language and Literature from King’s College, London, in London, England, where she lived for three years while attending university.

After graduating, she moved back to her home in St. Louis, Missouri. In preparation for law school, she self-studied for the LSAT, improving her score from a 164 (89th Percentile) to a 171 (98th Percentile) in two months.

Rebecca currently works as an Assistant Teacher at a middle school and has recently been accepted into some of the top law schools in the country including Cornell, Northwestern, and Washington St. Louis.

Outside of work, Rebecca loves to spend time with her family, read, creatively write, draw, and knit. She also loves to tutor others and has extensive experience teaching and tutoring individuals of various ages.  Rebecca hopes to help others reach their LSAT potential and attend the law school of their dreams.