Olivia O.

Education: Global Studies and Political Science Major, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill | Buenos Aires TEFL (120 Hours)

Lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina LSAT Tutor Olivia O. offers a unique approach in comparison to most LSAT tutors. She blends real-life examples with a unique, logic-based strategy so students are prepared not only for the LSAT but for law school.

A lot of LSAT tutors can personally score very well on the LSAT, but do not know how to communicate their thought process to someone just starting out. Having taught students of all levels and even students with English as their second language, Olivia knows how to break down LSAT strategy and communicate lesson plans in a direct, easily approachable way. She always starts by finding out her students’ studying background and larger score goals and then gauging their baseline level from an initial lesson. From there, she creates a tailored lesson plan to fit the student’s needs based on their skill level and interest. Although Olivia will go over larger concepts when there is confusion, she believes the best way to study for the LSAT is through repetition and practice so most concepts will be taught through practice problems. As someone whose LSAT score went up 15 points after using a tutor (after months of seeing no progress studying on her own), Olivia knows the difference a good tutor can make. She is also easy to talk to, and often helps her students with the psychological aspect of the LSAT preparation process.


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