Mike B.

Education: BA in Accounting (University of South Florida)

Lives in Austin, Texas, USA

Austin CPA Tutor Mike B. is a business strategy consultant, finance writer, and entrepreneur in Austin, Texas. He is passionate about helping business leaders build out their vision and create meaningful change in their community. Mike strongly believes that financial education gives us freedom and time spent learning about business will pay off quickly.

Mike founded a consulting company in 2015, which focuses on growing the value of small to medium size businesses. His consulting company can creatively organize, integrate, and measure the major functions of an organization in a way that is simple to understand.

Mike is constantly learning through coaching and working with experts. He enjoys teaching and is glad to share what he can.



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Test Scores

  • AUD: 94
  • BEC: 86
  • FAR: 79
  • REG: 86