Michael M.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Economics from the University of Washington, Tufts University School of Medicine expected MD 2018

Lives in Boston, MA, United States

Michael is originally from Los Angeles, CA. Wanting to pursue a career in medicine early on, he attended the University of Washington in Seattle where he graduated with a BS in Biochemistry and Economics. He currently attends Tufts University School of Medicine.

Michael took a gap year between schools, in which he worked in the claims department for a medical malpractice insurance company and tutored students in a variety of subjects. Michael enjoys tutoring because he enjoys piquing people’s interest in science as well as reinforcing his own knowledge through teaching. He particularly enjoys instilling confidence in his MCAT clients and also advises on the medical school application process.


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Test Scores

  • MCAT: 36, 97th Percentile