Max G.

Education: Yeshiva University, Sy Syms School of Business, Masters of Science in Accounting, May 2015 (Dean’s Scholar); Yeshiva University, Sy Syms School of Business, Bachelor of Science in Accounting, May 2014 (GPA: 3.36)

Lives in Bronx, NY, USA

A little bit about the exciting life of Bronx CPA Tutor Max G. Max graduated from Yeshiva University (NY) in 2014 with a BS in Accounting. He also received an MS in Accounting from Yeshiva in 2015 as a recognized Dean’s Scholar. After College, Max invested the next year studying for the CPA and finally passed after taking the test a total of 12 times. You heard that right! 12 times.

Nonetheless, this is something that Max believes makes him unique. Max would not be a CPA if he did not experiment with different test taking strategies. As you might know, a big part of the CPA is mental. After finding his test taking niche, Max passed the last 3 CPA’s consecutively in a 3 month span. Max prides himself on his ability to help students effectively strategize for the big test.

After collecting his CPA, Max worked abroad as a tax associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Tel Aviv, Israel . He returned to the states in 2018 and now works in the construction and architecture industry as a financial controller. In his spare time, Max can be found playing the board game Settlers of Catan or monitoring stocks and bonds. Max is also an avid fan of Fantasy Football.


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