Mark C.

Education: The University of Chicago, Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Art History

Lives in Chicago, IL, United States

Mark lives and works in Chicago and is currently preparing for law school, where he plans to enroll in the fall of 2018. As a lawyer, he hopes to represent residents of low-income public housing as they vie for better living conditions. He currently works for a non-profit mentoring service that helps students from disadvantaged backgrounds apply and prepare for college.

He graduated from the University of Chicago in 2016 with Phi Beta Kappa and an honors thesis in the Department of Art History. While there, he was in charge of the community radio station, WHPK, and helped expand the programming of several arts organizations on campus.

When not teaching or studying, Mark likes to ride his bike, cook vegetarian meals, go to art exhibitions, and organize concerts in his basement.


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Test Scores

  • LSAT: 174, 99%
  • ACT: 35, 99%
  • SAT: 2200, 98%