Mark Anthony G.

Education: Vanguard University of Southern California, Bachelors of Arts in Sociology and Cultural Anthropology

Lives in Long Beach, CA, USA

Since he was a teenager, Mark Anthony has been committed to working for disadvantaged groups. In college, he served as a volunteer coordinator for homeless youth; after he graduated, he worked to address the housing needs of clients living with HIV in southern California. And most recently, he spent two years as a fundraising adviser in northern Thailand, working with an agency to promotes and safeguards child rights.

In tandem with his line of work, he enjoys tutoring, teaching, and coaching – whether on the LSAT, whether for newly hatched sociology or anthropology students, or whether for actors interested in improvisation. In his eyes, education is one of the great equalizers, and it’s never a bad idea to dive into something new and learn.

In his downtime, Mark Anthony enjoys chasing waterfalls, swimming in freshwater, and hiking on new trails (a vestige of his time in Thailand), though he’s also been known to dabble in stand up comedy and slam poetry.