Marc G.

Education: Occidental College, BS Religious Studies and Chemistry

Lives in Washington, DC, United States

Marc attended Occidental College where he studied both chemistry and religious studies. His combination of science background and extensive work with complex texts through his religious studies help him teach both the verbal and scientific parts of the MCAT.

Marc has tutored professionally for about four years’ teaching and his tutoring experience covers a wide variety of subjects, including the MCAT, test prep, Sociology, and even soccer. Over the past two years Marc has tutored just the MCAT for around 1000 hours. Marc scored a 36 on his own MCAT, including a top 2% score in the physical sciences (97% overall).

Marc strives to find an approach that works to the strengths of the student rather than using a set “one ­size fits all” approach. Helping students achieve that “aha!” moment makes all of the effort worth it for Marc. Marc was recruited to college to play soccer and loves all things athletic, yet also understands the demands various extra­curricular activities place upon a student. Marc says that the reason he loves to tutor stems from his own experiences with tutors for his own preparation. Marc realizes that a great tutor can make all the difference.


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