Marc B.

Education: Neuroscience and Psychology at NYU; Masters in Biomedicine at UMDNJ

Lives in New York, NY, United States

Marc is a recent Masters of Biomedicine graduate from UMDNJ. Since his early days as a youth camp counselor and soccer instructor, he has been interested in helping students excel both in and out of the classroom. His extensive tutoring background began in high school through the National Honors Society and progressed during his time at NYU.

After graduating with concentrations in neuroscience and psychology, he worked at Cornell’s Division of Neurobiology laboratory, publishing several first-author papers in peer-reviewed journals.

Marc’s teaching philosophy aims to form a great student-teacher partnership based on shared goals and mutual respect. By varying lesson plans and being relatable, he is able to keep his students actively involved and interested. He realizes that establishing a productive dialogue is the best way to ensure consistent academic progress.

In his spare time, Marc cooks at a fine-dining restaurant in NYC, plays soccer, and goes to local concerts.


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