Lifeng C.

Education: UT Southwestern Medical Center, prospective MD, BS, Boston College, Biochemistry and Economics

Lives in Dallas, TX, USA

Lifeng is a current medical student at UT Southwestern Medical Center. He graduated summa cum laude from Boston College with degrees in biochemistry and economics. He self-studied for the MCAT for a month in the summer of 2016 and scored a 524 (100th percentile).

Lifeng remains very up-to-date to all sections of the MCAT exam. He is also familiar with the best preparation materials and strategies.

He has spent years in different research labs, from studying autoimmune diseases, to measuring enzyme kinetics, and to synthesizing organometallic compounds. He formerly worked in a cancer biology lab at Massachusetts General Hospital prior to beginning medical school.

In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis and basketball, cooking, and dancing.


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