Liesl S.

Education: University of Notre Dame, BS in Pre-Professional Studies

Lives in Chicago, IL, United States

Liesl attended the University of Notre Dame, graduating Phi Beta Kappa in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in Pre-Professional (Pre-Med) Studies. She is currently in her gap year prior to medical school and is living in Chicago. She has been accepted at several medical schools including University of Michigan and University of Chicago. She self-studied for the MCAT and scored 525 (100th percentile).

During her undergraduate career, Liesl worked in an evolutionary genomics lab, volunteered in a not-for-profit clinic for migrant workers, and coordinated service events for residents of her dorm. She also spent a semester abroad in Mexico taking courses and shadowing in hospitals.

She has over two and a half years of teaching experience in chemistry, physics, and calculus and has worked in both private and group tutoring settings. She finds teaching to be an immensely fulfilling endeavor, as she enjoys helping students master difficult concepts and achieve their academic and career goals.

In her free time, Liesl loves to run, read, dance, and play tennis.


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