Karolina G.

Education: Rush Medical College, prospective MD, University of Notre Dame, BS in Science-Business

Lives in Chicago, IL, USA

Karolina is a medical student at Rush Medical College. She graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a major in Science-Business. She was accepted into several medical schools. Karolina took the MCAT in June of 2016 after spending approximately three weeks self-studying for the exam and scored a 516 (95th percentile).

While at Notre Dame, Karolina was involved in basic science research for an ovarian cancer lab and clinical research for a radiation oncology department. Additionally, she volunteered at her local hospital, Misericordia in Chicago, and with various other groups.

She has tutored and taught students for over seven years because she loves helping students reach their educational goals. Karolina is familiar with the test topics and hopes to use her knowledge to help students master the MCAT.

In her free time, Karolina enjoys running, cooking, hanging out with friends, and sleeping.


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