Julian A.

Education: B.S. in Physics and in Mathematics from the University of Chicago; J.D. from NYU Law.

Lives in Boulder, CO, United States

Julian loves to help people however he can, and he’s logged the hours helping friends move to back up that claim. A recent graduate of NYU Law, Julian’s core background is in math and physics, which he TA’ed at the university level for two years. Based on his students’ feedback, he received the “Excellence in Teaching Award” (given to those ranked in the top 10% of faculty) for all semesters he taught, a fact he is insufferably proud of.

Julian believes that doing well in any pursuit is simply a matter of mindset and practice, and that the only limiting factors are time and energy. He understands that every student is coming in with a different skill set and facing different challenges, ranging from technical knowledge to test taking strategy and planning. Julian sees it as his duty to help his students best use their valuable time and energy to achieve their goals as directly as possible.

A Vancouver native, Julian has spent large parts of his life in Sarasota, Florida, Yucatan, Mexico, and Chicago, Illinois. His Canadian roots are are strong, and when he’s not coding, cooking, or reading sci-fi he likes to be outside, preferably among mountains. He has two large cats and speaks Spanish.


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Test Scores

  • GMAT: 780, 99th Percentile
  • LSAT: 177, 99th Percentile