Josh T.

Education: University of Chicago, BA in Political Philosophy, Ph.D. candidate at University of Chicago's interdisciplinary Committee on Social Thought

Lives in Chicago, IL, United States

Josh graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University of Chicago, where he studied political philosophy and is now a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Chicago’s interdisciplinary Committee on Social Thought (but living in New York), working on ancient Greek and modern German philosophy. He plans to pursue a dual degree in law, and will seek a J.D. in the next two years.

After scoring a 174 (99th percentile) on the LSAT this past fall, Josh is ready to help anyone master the test. Success on the LSAT depends on developing an intimate feel for the test so that solving a problem becomes second nature. Though lots of hard work is necessary, it is not sufficient for success—Josh looks forward to helping students learn how to study efficiently for the test and score high.

Josh has the same approach to other standardized tests as well, scoring in the 99th percentile on the GRE verbal and the ACT. The study method is just as important as the number of hours put in, and Josh can help you study productively to score your highest. With an extensive background in the humanities, Josh would also look forward to helping students with personal statements, college essays, or course papers.


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Test Scores

  • LSAT: 174 (99.4th %ile)
  • GRE: V- 169 (99th %ile)
  • ACT: 34 (99th %ile)