Joanna M.

Education: IUP - Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, University of Pittsburgh - Master of Social Work, Canyon College - Masters of Community Counseling

Lives in Hollidaysburg, PA, USA

Hollidaysburg LCSW tutor Joanna M. has experience in teaching and tutoring in social work field education to master’s level students. The subjects range from social work ethics, LMSW test prep, case management, social justice policy, and psychology 101. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Master of Science in Social Work.


Joanna works with all four different types of learning styles: visual, auditory, kinetic, and reading/writing. She makes learning fun and interesting by giving examples of how to apply what is learned to real life. Cramming or rushing to learn a subject is not always wise. You will feel motivated to learn when you have someone who will work with you at your own pace, and Joanna will do that!


What makes her an outstanding social work tutor is her love for teaching. She understands how difficult it is to struggle with test anxiety and time management. Joanna was able to overcome those barriers, and now she is ready to pass along helpful techniques.


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