Jim M.

Education: Graduated summa cum laude from the University​ of CO at Boulder (Biochemistry) in 2003, and although he gained admission to MD and MD-PhD programs, he decided to attend MIT and got his master’s in Biology in 2007

Lives in Boulder, CO, United States

Jim has been teaching and tutoring MCAT part-time for the Princeton Review on and off since he took the MCAT for the 1st time in 2001. He is 2x-certified in MCAT Biology and Gen Chem for TPR and has taught ~5-600 hours in ~24 courses since then. During the course of applying to medical school, he learned a lot about the application process, and he decided it would be nice to be able to help students with that aspect of achieving their goals as well.

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Test Scores

  • MCAT: 36, 97th Percentile