Jeffrey L.

Education: UCLA, B.S. in Biology

Lives in Los Angeles, CA, United States

Jeffrey graduated from UCLA in 2017 with a B.S. in Biology. During the summer of his junior year, he self-studied for the MCAT and scored a 522, a score that placed him in the 99th percentile of test-takers.

Jeffrey has four years of teaching and tutoring experience at the college level. He has served as a Peer Learning Facilitator for UCLA’s Academic Advancement Program as well as a Learning Assistant for Biochemistry classes. Currently, he is taking a gap year working as a MCAT tutor and a medical scribe.

Throughout his four years at UCLA, he has been exposed to a variety of different pedagogical methods and strategies. He hopes to utilize his experiences to not only help his students with their educational pursuits but also any personal or professional ones as well.

Jeffrey also loves football and basketball, Friends (the T.V. show), and J. Cole.


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