Javier P.

Education: Millersville University of Pennsylvania - BS Biology

Lives in Lebanon, PA, USA

Lebanon Biochemistry tutor Javier P. has a strong academic background in the medical sciences, with a doctorate and bachelor’s degree. He has extensive experience in teaching medical students, with a comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter. He is a firm believer that visuals and explanations are the keys to unlocking any student’s understanding of any medical topic. His natural passion for teaching ensures that his students always feel inspired and motivated to learn.


His deep understanding of the subject matter has served him well in his teaching career, and he is confident in his ability to help his students grasp even the most complicated concepts. He’ll lay out the problem clearly, step-by-step, with visuals and explanations that are easy to understand. With an emphasis on focus and practice, Javier will ensure that his students succeed.


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