Jason F., MD

Education: University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine, 2006; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bachelor of Science: Chemical Engineering, Bachelor of Science: Biology, Minor: Biomedical Engineering, 2000

Lives in New York, NY, United States

Jason has an extensive background in medicine and life sciences. He double majored at MIT in chemical engineering and biology, and received his medical doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania. He has spent the past few years applying his knowledge of medicine and life science to academic research working on wide variety of projects. From medical robotics to liver transplant surgery, he has worked on the cutting-edge and produced numerous peer-viewed journal articles.

He has turned his focus to tutoring in the recent years, and is an excellent MCAT tutor NYC. He has tutored college level biology classes and the MCAT. His philosophy is to allow students to direct their sessions. By tailoring lesson plans to individual students and the way they learn, he can maximize the benefit of each session. The student-teacher relationship is a partnership requiring a two-way dialogue and mutual respect in order to be successful. Jason tries to ensure that each student is engaged and derives a sense of confidence and progress from their tutoring sessions.

In his free time, Jason enjoys learning new things from areas of study unrelated to his expertise.

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