Jacquelyn C.

Education: B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Graduation, University of California, Davis

Lives in Davis, CA, USA

Jackie is a soon to be graduate of UC Davis in biochemistry and molecular biology. Originally from the Bay Area, she is now living in Davis for the remainder of her senior year and her gap year. She works in a synthetic biology lab at UC Davis in her free time. When not studying she can be found rocking out on the sousaphone in the Cal Aggie Marching Band-uh. 

Jackie took the MCAT after studying for the summer and scored a 518 (96th Percentile). Her strongest subjects are: Chemistry (130, 97th percentile), Biology (130, 96th percentile), CARS (129, 95th Percentile) and Psych (129, 90th percentile).