Iain P.

Education: BA in Religious Studies, cum laude, Washington U. in St. Louis 2010, MBA in Corporate Finance and Business Analytics, Notre Dame 2019

Lives in Notre Dame, IN, USA

Iain graduated from Washington University in St. Louis (WashU) in 2010 with a degree in Religious Studies. He then served at City Year Boston, an AmeriCorps program, before trying out the legal field. From that experience, he realized law was not the right avenue for him! Then he found his way into consulting, first in a legal and regulatory (L&R) role. Really enjoying that lifestyle, he put thoughts of his academic future on hold for the moment and dedicated himself to the business. Transitioning from L&R into a job at a boutique firm that specialized in IT, Iain realized that he loved working but that to make a career of business, he needed to go back to school and learn some finance and accounting.

Now at Notre Dame with a job lined up after graduation in May, Iain wants to spend his time fruitfully. Having made the application process to college and graduate school much easier by understanding the best approaches to his tests, Iain wants to tutor others to do the same, helping them increase their scores and decrease their stress.

During his free time, Iain can be found catching up on reading the New Yorker (he’s about a month and a half behind), playing squash, and traveling to Detroit to see his fiancée.

Test Scores

  • GRE: 170V 165Q 5AW
  • SAT: 800V 730Q 780Wr, 2310 total (99%)