Herb H.

Education: SUNY-Buffalo: BA Physics; MLS Library Science, PhD program in Math Education, Curriculum Theory; self-taught in Economics.

Lives in Buffalo, NY, United States

Herb is a writer/researcher who tends to get involved in various causes. While in his MLS program, he was encouraged by a Math Education professor to go on for a PhD. In his PhD program and since, he has developed revolutionary ways to approach learning – very student-centered in nature, in which students are/become principal active agents in their own learning.

As a long-term tutor in the Home Instruction program of a local school district, he reportedly achieved “remarkable results” that changed the lives of students he worked with, with some parents wanting to maintain contact after his time with them was up. In his teaching he has helped students see The Big Picture and Big Ideas involved –how various concepts are inter-connected – instead of the typical approach in which methods are taught as separate isolated procedures to be memorized. He has developed unique approaches to topics in Algebra and a revolutionary approach to geometry.

He has done an exhaustive study of SAT and ACT math, developing techniques not found anywhere in print. As an article referee for the Mathematics Teacher (where he has had his own pieces published), he critiques manuscripts submitted for publication, providing suggestions for revisions if publishable.

Herb encourages students to do a lot of writing, providing help if asked for, in developing their own writing style.


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