Gabriel R.

Education: Bachelors Degree In Accounting

Lives in Louisville, KY, USA

Louisville CPA tutor Gabriel R. is a licensed CPA in the state of Kentucky. Gabe has experience working with CPA students throughout the journey of becoming a CPA. He has worked in both Audit and Tax in a public CPA firm. Now he works in the private sector- so he has experience in both worlds! When tutoring the CPA, he uses real-world examples to help you gain a better understanding, help you stay on track, and pass the exam.

To keep his students on track, Gabe offers quizzes during his sessions. He prefers to use Becker because he passed with Becker, but he is open to using other resources that students prefer. Gabe has helped numerous students pass their CPA. His job is to help you understand the parts you are weak at in order for you to get the extra points you need to pass.