Ethan F.

Education: Expected MD 2021, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Rice University, BS in Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Lives in Dallas, TX, United States

Ethan graduated from Rice University in 2017 with a degree in Biochemistry and Cell Biology and a minor in Neuroscience. He is currently pursuing an MD/MPH at UT Southwestern Medical Center and aims to one day help underserved populations not only as a physician but also as a community health practitioner.

Ethan is applying to Urology for residency and focusing on research in the field of Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery under the Dean’s Research Scholarship. He primarily studies the pathophysiology and management of UTIs in postmenopausal women and has presented his work at national conferences.

During his time in high school and college, he carried out research in neurobiology labs, with a focus on paraplegia. As a data analysis enthusiast, he has helped to create a program that analyzes EEG (brain wave) data in real-time to remotely maneuver a wheelchair; however, it was his work in differentiating neural structures that netted him a publication.

He has also developed an affinity for teaching, making the most of opportunities as a tutor and teaching assistant of various subjects at the college level, including math, organic chemistry, and genetics. He enjoys watching his students grow to gain a better handle on the curriculum and especially witnessing that “aha” moment when all the material begins to flow together.

When he is not busy studying, he can be found working out at the gym, spending time with friends, or mastering the art of FreeCell.

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