Elliot Y.

Education: Georgetown University, MBA; University of California – Los Angeles, Biochemistry B.S.

Lives in Charlotte, NC, United States

Elliot has over 7 years of experience tutoring for standardized tests. He understands the hardship students go through studying for standardized tests because he has been there himself.

For GMAT, he started out with a score in the 50-percentile range and brought it up to 94 percentile by studying for 3 months. With his experience both as a student and as a tutor, he understands that everyone understands and comprehends differently and adapts his teaching style accordingly. Standardized tests are meant to be improved through different tricks and studying, so he is prepared to share his knowledge with his students.

In his spare time, Elliot likes to watch football and basketball and tries to analyze statistics for his fantasy teams. He also enjoys cooking and trying different cuisines.


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Test Scores

  • GMAT: 720, 94th Percentile