Dmitry N.

Education: Expected MD at University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine, BS in Biophysics, York University

Lives in Toronto, ON, Canada

Dmitry recently graduated from York University with B.Sc. in biophysics. The following summer he self-studied for MCAT for three months and achieved a composite score of 527 (100th percentile). During the gap year, he is planning to tutor, volunteer at a medical center and perhaps continue conducting research with one of his former professors. His research involves investigating otoacoustic emissions in bearded dragons.

Dmitry has extensive experience in teaching and tutoring. For the past four years, he was working as a math and science teacher/tutor in a private learning centre. He frequently tutored university level calculus and physics.

Dmitry is a recent test-taker himself. He knows the pros and cons of using material and strategies from different testing companies. He is aware of typical mistakes in study approach that cause students to plateau. He wants to use his experience and knowledge to help students optimize their schedule and strategies in order maximize their score. In his free time, Dmitry enjoys sleeping.


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