Crystal J.

Education: B.S., Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology, University of California – Los Angeles

Lives in Pasadena, CA, United States

Crystal has been tutoring for over 8 years, and has experience tutoring students of all ages, mainly in a variety of math and science courses at the high-school (including AP) and college levels. From working with such a wide range of students, she has been able to garner specific tutoring methods and techniques for many different types of students. As a student herself, she recognizes that comprehension of material is only a piece of the puzzle, and that organization, time-management, and effective study habits are required for academic success. She has also completed training from various tutoring companies, making her a certified tutor.

After graduating from UCLA in 2013, she focused on studying for the MCAT, and is now in the process of applying to medical school. She has studied materials from a variety of MCAT prep resources, and owns over 30 MCAT prep books. This extensive amount of material has allowed her to gain experience with all different types of MCAT subjects and questions, in addition to particular tricks and shortcuts that are useful in beating the test.

Aside from applying to medical school, Crystal works as a researcher for a Biophysics lab at UCLA. She is a coffee-fanatic who loves dogs, traveling, and food. She has also played piano for many years, and was in drum line during high school (a band geek at heart). She is an excellent Los Angeles MCAT tutor.


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