Colin Z., MD

Education: Rush Medical College, Chicago, IL, MD; Illinois Wesleyan University, BA in Biology, Minor in Philosophy

Lives in Delaware, United States

After completing 3 years of his residency, Colin has realized that his favorite part of being on a healthcare team is teaching both students and patients. After all, the word “doctor” comes from the root “teacher,” not healer! Colin has stood out during his residency as an excellent teacher, winning multiple awards as a favorite teacher from medical students. Since graduating medical school, Colin is now finishing up his training in a combined Internal Medicine/Pediatrics residency, and he aspires to one day be a specialist in lung diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis and lung cancer.

During his time studying for the MCAT and the medical licensing boards, Colin mastered several techniques to improve the quality of study sessions. Boredom, fatigue, and burn out don’t stand a chance! With 3 years of clinical experience under his belt, Colin also helps confront the challenge of “am I ever going to use this when I’m a doctor”-itis!

As a teacher, Colin loves to guide his learners to the conclusion rather than just regurgitate figures from a textbook. In the hospital, his favorite subjects to teach about are clinical reasoning and pulmonary physiology. In his free time, he loves to cook for his girlfriend and play the occasional board game with some craft beer in hand. He’s also a medical journal nerd and even follows his favorite journals on Twitter!


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