Cinny M.

Education: B.S Human Biology, from UC San Diego, seeking DDS degree

Lives in San Diego, CA, USA

Cinny Ma earned her B.S human biology degree in less than three years at UC San Diego with a competitive GPA.

During her undergraduate, she participated in research in 3D bioprinting of cardiomyocytes, volunteered at dental clinics for 3 years, and wrote journals for a newspaper as a part-time journalist. Cinny took her DAT in 2020 and received 23 AA. She has three different teaching experiences. At UCSD, she was chosen by UCSD biological science department to be an instructional assistant for a course titled “Fundamental Concepts of Modern Biology”. She is responsible for conducting discussion sections for 33 students every week, holds office hours, and answer questions from students. She also serves as a Teaching assistant for a series of pre-dental tooth waxing courses for 2 years. The courses are offered by a former professor from UCLA school of dentistry. Cinny assists professors in teaching and grading for tooth waxing courses. Besides, Cinny is also experienced in teaching TOEFL (Test of English and Foreign language). She is fluent in both English and Mandarin.


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Chemistry Biology

Test Scores

  • DAT 23 AA