Christine W.

Education: B.M. Temple U. (Magna cum laude); JD (Temple U.); CELTA (British Council)

Lives in New York, NY, United States

How big does the mountain look to you? It depends on where you are standing.

Christine has 18+ years of experience of practicing law and teaching. Her students include teachers, professors, college students and professionals from all over the world. Christine’s lesson plans are based on current student-centered methodology and are customized to best benefit the individual with all his/her quirks and to allay any uncertainties. As an attorney/educator, she is a member of Global Legal Skills and lectures internationally. Her concentration is the LSAT and the Bar Exam; and also gives private instruction in legal-specific subjects. For ESL legal students, she tutors ILEC and TOLES. Additional exam preps second language learners include TOEFL and TOEIC.

Christine lived for several years in Europe, and loves to travel and meet the international community. She is an expert LSAT tutor.


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