Chris C.

Education: University of Colorado Bachelors of Science, Psychology and Ecology

Lives in Boulder, CO, USA

Chris graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder (CU) in 2015 with degrees in Evolutionary Biology and Psychology. After graduating, he worked as an EMT and developed an interest in becoming a medical doctor. So between ambulance shifts and organic chemistry homework, he studied for and took the MCAT in 2018 receiving a score of 520, placing him in the 98th percentile.

Now he works as a research assistant in The Sleep and Chronobiology Lab at CU where he teaches and mentors undergraduate students. Additionally, he works as a professional childhood educator and volunteers his time tutoring immigrant workers in English. Chris will be applying for medical school and hopes to eventually practice as an emergency medicine physician.

Chris offers years of experience as an educator working with a broad range of students and has an emphasis on not only teaching in a way that quickly communicates information, but which is also engaging and fun. Chris has a passion for studying the art of education and is always looking for new ways to make learning fulfilling to all involved.

He spends his downtime baking bread, learning Spanish, cooking, and reading non-fiction.