Carl Virgil L.

Education: California State University-Long Beach - BS in Molecular and Cell Biology CUNY City College - MA in Physician Assistant

Lives in New York, NY, USA

New York Biochemistry tutor Carl Virgil L. has an intimate knowledge of the life sciences, having earned a bachelor’s degree in Molecular and Cell Biology, with a minor in Chemistry. His experience as a tutor has helped him shape expertise in the same fields. He is adept at GRE test prep and general mathematics, ranging from addition/subtraction to pre-calculus. 


He is known for his patient and methodical approach to teaching, as he helps students gain a full understanding of the subject matter. His experience assisting both high school and college students has allowed him to develop a teaching style that caters to the needs of each student.


Carl is committed to providing students with the tools they need to succeed, no matter what the subject matter may be.


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