Becky W

Education: Master in Nursing Emphasis on Nursing Education From Blessing Rieman College of Nursing

Lives in Palmyra, MO, USA

Palmyra NCLEX tutor Becky W. is a registered nurse with 19+ years of experience. She has tutored for 10 years and taught at a baccalaureate nursing program for 9 years. Becky has extensive experience in teaching all subjects related to nursing, in addition to standardized tests related to nursing and pre-nursing.

Becky’s teaching experiences include NCLEX prep courses, test-taking success, pharmacology, fundamentals, medical-surgical nursing (MEDSURGE), advanced concepts, mental health, research, community nursing, clinicals, and more. She is well versed in what it takes to be successful in nursing exams and the NCLEX. She knows that sometimes all it takes is having someone explain the information in a different way to make it click. Becky uses a variety of teaching and tutoring strategies to meet the needs of all learners. She is motivated to help you be successful. Fun fact: Becky passed both the NCLEX and the Certified Nurse Educator Exam (CNE) on her first try!