Autumn B.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Pre-Law at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Master of Social Work at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Post Baccalaureate Degree Certification in Psychology, Harold Abel School of SBS

Lives in Dallas, TX, USA

When Dallas’s LCSW tutor Autumn B. studied for the LCSW and LMSW exams, she discovered strategies that are easy to learn, simple to implement, and have been successful for herself and for others. Autumn passed the LMSW exam and exceeded the passing requirement approximately by 13 points. For the LCSW exam, she received a passing score of approximately 15-20 points above the required minimum.

Standardized examinations can be extremely difficult. Hours of studying, hundreds of dollars in exam preparation, restless hours, etc., can be exhausting and can feel defeating. Studying should not feel like a task, it should be exciting, structured, fun, and motivating. When you work with Autumn, she will help you develop test-taking strategies that are tailored to your learning style. Autumn is excited to embark on this journey as your tutor, and she is ready to be one of your biggest cheerleaders as you prepare to successfully pass your clinical or master’s level examination.