Austen H.

Education: NYU School of Medicine, MD, 2020; Fordham University, Double Major in Biology and Anthropology in the Honors Program

Lives in New York, NY, United States

Austen is a medical student at NYU. When she was a pre-med, she worked with Tutor the People tutors on her MCAT prep! Austen is eager to help other students master the newest version of the MCAT test. She benefitted greatly from one-on-one tutoring with Tutor the People and believes that this is the best approach for students who are dedicated to their studies and eager to learn.

Austen began tutoring undergraduate students in various biology courses at Fordham during her junior year. She primarily teaches students how to study so that they can successfully work independently throughout their undergraduate education. Working individually with students, Austen has created unique study plans and advised students about future courses and extracurricular opportunities.

Austen has excelled throughout college as a pre-medical student in the Honors Program at Fordham University. She double majored in Anthropology and Biology and has worked in research laboratories throughout the academic year and summers. She is especially interested in pediatric medicine and genetic diseases, and she is currently applying to medical school and looking forward to pursuing these interests in the years to come. She is enjoying her time as a 2nd-year medical student at NYU School of Medicine and also working with students.


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