Ashley L.

Education: NYU School of Medicine, expected MD, Rutgers University, BS in Biology, BS in Philosophy

Lives in New York, NY, USA

Ashley is a medical student at The New York University School of Medicine. She graduated from Rutgers University with a double major in Biology and Philosophy and a minor in Psychology. After taking over thirty full-length practice exams and studying from a variety of sources, she earned a 522 (99% percentile) on the January 2016 MCAT, with perfect scores in both the Chemical/Physical and Psychology/Sociology sections.

Prior to medical school, Ashley conducted research in a chemical engineering lab working on materials for tissue engineering as well as in a psychology lab where she is learned fMRI software to study cognition. She has previously mentored middle school students in STEM during her time as Biology Club president and has served as a guest lecturer in Philosophy this semester.

Between her educational and research backgrounds, Ashley is very familiar with all four sections of the new MCAT. Having studied while balancing a packed semester, she also understands the importance of time management and has the skills to help those with busy schedules fit in the MCAT prep they need. In addition to the many strategies and prep materials she has to share, Ashley wishes to help her students work through their specific study challenges and create a personalized plan for them to achieve their dream score.

In her free time, Ashley enjoys reading, writing short stories, practicing yoga, and spending time with her family.


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