Ankita J.

Education: CPA

Lives in Round Rock, TX, USA

CPA tutor Ankita J. is passionate about helping students in achieving their goals while recognizing their strengths and accomplishing their goals. She believes every student has their own learning style and teaching must be customized to that.

Ankita has had diverse experiences in her education and profession. Born in an accountant’s family, she has specialized in audit, tax, and accounting since her graduation in 2009. Ankita started as a Chartered Accountant in India, where she performed in the upper quartile. She then came to American and became a CPA here. In addition to being a CPA, she is passionate about health and exercise. She also teaches yoga and swimming.

Ankita believes that technology is a critical way to be productive, efficient and effective. Motivated to serve with a personal touch, she takes a kaizen approach in work and in tutoring to help her students reap longterm, major improvements.

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