Anjana S.

Education: Penn State College of Medicine, prospective MD, MSE Bioengineering Innovation and Design, Johns Hopkins BS Immunology, Penn State University

Lives in Hershey, PA, USA

Hershey PA MCAT tutor Anjana is a current third-year medical student at Penn State College of Medicine in Hershey, PA. She formerly worked as a Strategy Management Consulting Analyst within the Civilian Health Portfolio at Accenture. There, she worked to better different federal health structures. She graduated with an MSE in Bioengineering Innovation and Design from Johns Hopkins and a BS in Immunology from Penn State. She enjoys working between various science disciplines to build ways to improve health. In her career, she has created and patented multiple medical devices and has served as an IRTA Research Fellow at the National Institutes of Health.

For the past decade throughout her education and career, Anjana continually engaged in teaching, tutoring and mentoring all ages in the sciences and beyond. She is inspired by the potential she sees in others, strives to create a fun tutoring environment and believes in approaching learning with a sense of creativity.

In April of 2016, Anjana scored in the 95th percentile on the new MCAT with an overall score of 516. With the experience still fresh in her mind, she understands the daunting nature of the MCAT. She has developed methods to strategically tackle the different sections and master the breadth of content for success. She stresses the importance of creating a strong study plan that iteratively assesses personal strengths and weaknesses for growth.

Anjana volunteers her time to improve access to medical technologies in developing communities and expand resources available to refugees through partnerships with the White House and a number of private companies across a range of industries. In her free time, Anjana enjoys creating art, being active, exploring the outdoors and experimenting with food to feed friends and family.


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