Ana N.

Education: Haverford College in 2014 with a B.S. in Chemistry

Lives in Cambridge, MA, United States

After graduating from Haverford College in 2014 with a B.S. in Chemistry, Ana created her own personalized MCAT study schedule to earn herself a score in the 96th percentile. Shortly after, she moved to Boston, where she now works as a research technician at Mass General Hospital. She is currently applying to medical schools and will most likely matriculate into Johns Hopkins medical school this upcoming fall.

Teaching was a critical part of Ana’s undergraduate experience. She has worked with students of diverse backgrounds, teaching everything from basic algebra to advanced quantum mechanics. She has years of teaching experience that taught her how to understand the unique learning style of each student and to tailor her teaching methods accordingly.

She will help you create a schedule that targets your weak areas and aims to find creative and effective ways to present materials to you, whether that may be through formulas, diagrams, role-playing, or even singing songs! She believes that given patience and the right presentation of material, students can reach their personal goals. She hopes to make your MCAT preparation an enjoyable process, and as your tutor, she will be your biggest supporter and will bring positivity to your experience. Additionally, she can help walk you through medical school application process, like helping you design a school list, brainstorm essay topics, etc.

In her free time, Ana likes to bake bread, play the guitar, and listen to Christmas music year round.


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Test Scores

  • MCAT: 35 (96th percentile)
  • ACT: 32 (98th percentile)
  • SAT: 2250 (99th percentile)