Amanda J.

Education: Currently hold: Bachelor of Applied Arts (Animation) from Sheridan College, Bachelor of Science (Biology) from York University. Currently seeking: Master of Science (Biology) from York University

Lives in Toronto, ON, Canada

Toronto MCAT tutor Amanda J. is a first-year master’s student at York University, where she is currently conducting research on brain plasticity. She also works as a teaching assistant for a course on animal diversity.

This past summer, she self-studied for the MCAT and took the test for a second time. She was able to increase her score by 7 points and, in the process, discovered the core techniques and strategies required to achieve a 97th percentile score.

Having taken the MCAT twice, Amanda is very familiar with common mistakes and thoroughly understands how to succeed in this test. She looks forward to providing her knowledge and support to students at every stage of their MCAT journey.

In her spare time, Amanda enjoys helping with art workshops for individuals with autism.


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