Alexis A.

Education: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Master of Accounting

Lives in Herndon, VA, USA

Herndon VA CPA tutor Alexis A. is a licensed CPA with a Master’s in Accounting. She also has Big 4 experience under her belt. Alexis is available to help with introductory accounting courses or tutoring of all 4 CPA exam sections. Alexis has experience teaching accounting courses, tutoring taxation courses, and helping students on their journey to becoming CPAs.


Alexis has experience in both public accounting and industry. She has a deep understanding of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and can help you apply these concepts to real-world scenarios. Her industry experience gives her a unique perspective on how accounting concepts are used in business. She is also familiar with tax laws and can help you understand how they apply to individuals and businesses.


In Alexis’ free time, she likes to exercise and watch movies.


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