Alexander C.

Education: Colby College, BA in Chinese

Lives in Boston, MA, USA

Alex attended Colby College, where he studied Chinese, graduating with distinction in the major. He then spent five years studying and working in China, first as an English-Chinese interpreter for the president of a major multinational corporation and then for the cast and crew of a 52-episode television series, after which Alex began his career in test prep, tutoring elite students from China’s best schools seeking admission to top US schools.

Thanks to years of rigorous SAT tutoring, Alex scored a 178 on his first LSAT practice test (untimed), despite knowing nothing about the test. He then officially scored a 173, putting him in the 99th percentile. (173 is the median score at Yale Law School.) Even before he began teaching the LSAT, he completed every single official LSAT logic game from 1991-2017, many of them several times over. He teaches and tutors in Boston and online.

Alex especially enjoys identifying the unique needs of each individual student and coming up with methods that address those needs with laser-like focus. The art of explaining things as simply, clearly, and memorably as possible is another source of eternal fascination. As always, the proof is in the pudding: Alex delivers exceptional score improvements (many near perfect scores) as well as acceptance letters from such prestigious schools as Harvard and Stanford. When not tutoring, Alex enjoys reading (everything from fiction to astrophysics, as well as books in Chinese on—for instance—the rise and fall of the Ming Dynasty), playing the piano, rock climbing, and cooking elaborate meals.