Abbie S.

Education: BS in Biological Sciences at Cornell University, currently seeking an MD and PhD

Lives in New York City, NY, USA

NYC MCAT tutor Abby S. completed her undergraduate studies at Cornell University and received a Bachelor of Science in biological sciences. As an undergraduate, she was heavily involved in basic science research and served as a teaching assistant for a comparative physiology and anatomy course. She is currently enrolled in the MD-PhD Program at Weill Cornell Medical College.

Abby has been tutoring since she was in high school. She likes that tutoring serves as an opportunity to share her knowledge with others and encourages her to think about the material in different ways, which ultimately leads to enhanced understanding not only for the students she tutors but for herself as well. She understands that tackling the MCAT is no easy feat and hopes to help students get past this hurdle so that they can get into their dream medical schools and pursue their career aspirations.


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